Plan Ahead and Prepare

The Plan Ahead and Prepare principle is very important as it is linked to all the other principles. It should therefore be considered when undertaking any of the lessons. Information on where it is specifically applicable to each lesson is outlined in the relevant teacher's notes.

Here are some tips to help you Plan Ahead and Prepare!

Before starting your trip into the countryside, take time to plan ahead and prepare. The Irish weather is famous for having four seasons in a day; check the weather forecast and always be prepared for different weather conditions. Where possible, check if access is allowed and your activity is permitted in the area you wish to visit.

Respect any signs, regulations, policies and special concerns for the area that you wish to visit and find out if permits are needed for activities on public lands. Where possible travel by public transport or share cars and consider the parking facilities that will be available.

Ensure you have the skills and equipment necessary for your activity and to cope with any emergencies that could arise. For environmental and safety reasons, and to minimise your impact on other users, keep group numbers small; split larger parties into smaller groups. Plan your meals to avoid leftovers and use reusable containers to minimise waste. By taking all the above advice onboard you can ensure your trip is successful and you leave no trace.


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