Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

What is a Leave No Trace Champion?

When a class completes all five Leave No Trace activities at their level, the teacher can print a certificate to display in the school showing that the students are Leave No Trace Champions. Individual certificates can also be printed. The phrase Leave No Trace Champion has been used to give students confidence in sharing the Leave No Trace message with friends and family.


What is the Leave No Trace programme about?

Leave no Trace is about encouraging responsible enjoyment of Ireland’s natural environment. As more and more people go into the Irish countryside, unfortunately the collective mark we make increases. The impacts we leave include litter, water pollution and trampled vegetation. We can also cause disturbance to farm animals and wildlife, and inconvenience for other people. The Leave No Trace programme encourages people of all ages to take responsibility for their impact on the environment and other people, and introduces us to techniques that will help reduce those impacts.

Where can I find out more about the Leave No Trace message?

More information is available on the main Leave No Trace website, You can also learn more by doing a Leave No Trace Awareness session, this is the first step on the Leave No Trace training ladder. Awareness sessions can last from one hour up to a full day. Awareness sessions are delivered by Leave No Trace Trainers (approximately 250 across the country). You can get contact details for a Trainer in your area through, or by phoning 048 9030 3938.

Could somebody come to my school to deliver a Leave No Trace session for students or teachers?

Yes, Leave No Trace Ireland has a network of 250 trainers who can deliver Awareness sessions (anything from one hour up to a full day). You can get contact details for a Trainer in your area through, or by phoning 048 9030 3938. A fee is charged for Leave No Trace sessions, but it will be kept as low as possible.

The videos don’t seem to be working, is there some other way I can get them?

The videos are streamed through YouTube, which may be blocked in some schools. It may be possible to adjust your school’s internet settings, or approve the site to enable access. Alternatively, you may be able to download the videos at home and save the file onto a memory stick to play in school. If you continue to experience difficulty, please contact us through or by phone on 048 9030 3938.

Are these resources available as gaeilge?

It is intended to make an Irish language version of the resources available during 2012.

Can I download the full set of resources as one file?

Yes, you can download all the resources as one PDF file from the ‘About’ page of the website. You will need a good broadband connection as the file is 19mb.

How did the Leave No Trace campaign start?

The Leave No Trace programme started in the United States in the 1970s, in response to the impact of increased recreation activity on national parks and other public land. In 2004 similar impacts were causing concern in Ireland and an informal group was set up to look at developing a single message to promote responsible recreation in the Irish countryside. It was agreed the Leave No Trace message was most relevant, and in 2006 Leave No Trace Ireland was launched as an all-Ireland organisation.

Where does Leave No Trace Ireland get its funding?

Leave No Trace Ireland relies heavily on funding from its main Partners, other organisations join Leave No Trace Ireland as Members and make a smaller financial contribution towards the cost of promoting this message. Leave No Trace Ireland’s main funding partners are: Coillte, Department of Environment, Community & Local Government, Fáilte Ireland, the Heritage Council and the National Trails Office (part of the Irish Sports Council). Development of this website has been funded through the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government.

How else does Leave No Trace Ireland reach out to young people?

Leave No Trace has been endorsed and supported by Scouting Ireland and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards since the beginning, and more recently by the Catholic Girl Guides and the Irish Girl Guides.  It is the intention of Leave No Trace Ireland to have the message of responsible recreation included in the training of all organisations involved with the development of young people.